“Love Is Blind” Star Amber Pike Says She and Matt Barnett Are Married “in Spite of” the Show


Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” is certainly a new twist on the classic dating show formula, which has us wondering if any of the couples from season one are still together post-filming. The series, hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, has contestants start their relationships without them meeting in person – and they can’t meet until they get engaged.

But the engagement is just the start: the show then follows them as they try to figure out their relationships in the real world, integrate their families and lives, and head toward a wedding. Sound difficult? It is! The show definitely has produced tons of drama onscreen, with plenty of intense breakups.

Since the first season wrapped up back in 2020, and the reunion episode released in July 2021, we now know which couples are still together after the show, and which couples never really stood a chance (here’s looking at you, Damian and Giannina). Keep reading to learn which couples have – and haven’t – proved that love is, indeed, blind.

Additional reporting by Alicia Geigel.

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