Which Married at First Sight Australia 2021 Couples Are Still Together — An Important Investigation

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If there’s one thing that we absolutely love about Married at First Sight, it’s the actual love stories that come from the show.

While there hasn’t been a huge strike rate, we’re still talking about the couples that made it, in particular Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson and Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli from season six and MAFS’ OGs Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr from season one.

So, which couples from 2021 are still together since filming wrapped?

Patrick and Belinda

STATUS: Sadly, no.

They were possibly the most wholesome couple from last year’s season, and while Patrick and Belinda did date briefly after the show wrapped up, they did announce in July 2021 that they have gone their separate ways.

Belinda said that though they had “a wonderful relationship” their “perspectives on love and life goals ultimately didn’t align.”

“As you move forward into the future, it’s pretty important to be heading in the same direction towards the shared future that you both want,” she revealed.

Johnny and Kerry


This sweet couple has been nothing short of the refreshing boost to the show that we needed. They complement each other in the best ways possible, they support one another and we’re happy to report that they’re still going strong.

The couple are parents to fur baby Enzo and live together in Brisbane. To celebrate their six month anniversary, Johnny took to Instagram and described his bride as, “The greatest risk I have ever taken. The greatest reward.”

Love is not dead and we couldn’t be happier about it!

Beck and Jake

STATUS: Absolutely not together (which kinda sucks!)

While Jake loved what he saw when Beck walked down the aisle, the feeling was sadly one-sided.

“He’s looking at me like I am sex on a stick,” said Rebecca before listing out all of Jake’s faults. While they shared some sweet moments on the show, it isn’t really surprising that the two went their separate ways.

Jake is currently dating his girlfriend Clare while Beck is dating boyfriend Ben Mitchell, with whom she’s expecting her first child.

Alana and Jason

STATUS: Nope. Not together.

According to the So Dramatic podcast, Engler “dumped Lister via text”.

The podcast stated that Alana was dumped after she called out Jason for his offensive behaviour.

“The reason Jason dumped Alana via text after the final vows was because she called him out for his “homophobic bulls**t” and told him she didn’t agree with the video he made about Liam and it was not acceptable behaviour!”

Bryce and Melissa

STATUS: Engaged with twin boys!

Married At First Sight’s most controversial couple surprisingly went the distance! Not only are the two getting ready to tie the knot (for real this time!), but they recently welcomed twin boys!

The romance is still very much alive between the two, with Bryce moving to Melbourne to be closer to his fiancee.

Liam and Georgia

STATUS: Nope. Does anyone love each other?

Fans were furious when Liam, the show’s first bisexual groom, was outed in front of everyone. But despite Georgia remaining firmly by his side, the two sadly couldn’t make it work in the real world.

But then who could forget the blatantly homophobic video Georgia took part in? Or the explosive dinner party when Liam lost his temper?

Georgia is currently single while Liam is dating MAFS New Zealand star Samuel Levi.

Booka and Brett

STATUS: Nope. Sad face. Original Booka and Brett 4Eva!

James and Jo

STATUS: Not together. Obviously.

Cameron and Samantha

STATUS: Not together. Dah!

Russell and Beth

STATUS: Not together.

Sam and Coco

STATUS: Absolutely not together.

Coco and Cameron

STATUS: Not together!

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