Which Yellowjackets Survive the Woods, and Which Ones Die? Here’s What We Know

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Showtime’s “Yellowjackets” is about a group of teen girls (and a few boys and men) whose plane crashes in the middle of nowhere while they’re on their way to a national soccer tournament. Some members of the team perish in the crash, while others die in the 19 months between the crash and when they were rescued. The very first episode of the show teased that the survivors would eventually resort to cannibalism to survive – which also involves some scary-looking rituals.

Since the series occurs on two timelines – 1996 and the present day – we already know which of the Yellowjackets survived the woods and the few who didn’t as season two begins. Some of the characters that people assumed died were revealed to be alive at the end of season one, while the fates of others remain a mystery.

Read ahead for a breakdown of who we know survives their time in the woods, who we know dies, and whose fate is still up in the air.

Yellowjackets Who Survive the Woods

  • Shauna: Shauna makes it out of the woods and marries Jeff, Jackie’s high school boyfriend. However, we don’t know the fate of the baby she’s pregnant with when the plane crashes.
  • Misty: Misty, despite her penchant for annoying all the other survivors, makes it out of the woods. As an adult, she still yearns for her teammates’ friendship.
  • Taissa: Taissa survives the wilderness, but – despite her wealth and success – bares some of the most obvious psychological scars out of the survivors. As an adult, she’s plagued with sleepwalking spells where she behaves in ways she doesn’t understand.
  • Nat: Nat survives the 19 months in the woods, but as an adult, she’s struggled with addiction. When the series starts, she’s leaving rehab – paid for by Taissa.
  • Van: Van was attacked by a wolf in season one, but despite a large cut to her face, she makes it out of the woods. Season two will show Van as an adult for the first time.
  • Lottie: The end of season one revealed that Lottie becomes the Antler Queen during their time in the woods. In the present day, she runs some sort of cult. Before the crash, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and taking medications to manage her hallucinations. At the start of season two, we see her going through intensive psychiatric treatment after they’re rescued.
  • Travis: Travis is the only man who we know for sure survived the group’s time in the woods. However, he died during season one in the present day. His death was ruled a suicide, though Nat is convinced it was foul play.

Yellowjackets Who Die in the Woods

  • Jackie: Jackie, Shauna’s best friend, has a hard time getting along with the other girls during the first season, partly because she doesn’t have a lot of survival skills. At the end of the season, they lock her outside the cabin, and she has to make a fire to keep herself warm. It snows, and she freezes to death.
  • Laura Lee: Laura Lee is the most religious of the Yellowjackets, and she tries to help Lottie accept her visions as messages from God. The team finds a small airplane in the forest, and Laura Lee reads about flying in a book she uncovers in the cabin. She gets them to let her fly off for help, and she’s able to make it off the ground and over the lake before the plane bursts into flames, killing her.
  • People who died in the plane crash: Coach Bill – Travis and Javi’s dad – is killed in the crash; they find his body impaled in a tree. Team member Rachel Goldman is also killed, as are the pilot and the flight’s crew.

Yellowjackets Who Might Die in the Woods

  • Javi: Many fans thought Adam – the artist Shauna had an affair with in season one – was secretly Javi as an adult, but he’s not. While we know Travis is dead, we don’t know what happened to his little brother. In season one, he ran away during the Doomcoming, and Travis still cannot find him at the start of season two.
  • Crystal, Mari, Akilah, Gen, and Melissa: Crystal, Mari, Akilah, Gen, and Melissa are all Yellowjackets players who aren’t main characters but do have a presence in the series. Unfortunately, this makes it seem that they died in the woods (and were possibly eaten by the other girls), but we don’t know for sure yet.
  • Coach Ben: Coach Ben is the only adult who survives the crash, though they had to partially amputate his leg. He uses a crutch, so he has a lot of difficulty getting around the woods and getting privacy from the girls. We don’t know if he gets rescued from the woods.

New episodes of “Yellowjackets” premiere Fridays on streaming and Sundays on Showtime.

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