Plot Twist! Two Eliminated Couples Were Given a Second Chance to Return to LEGO Masters

It was a classic LEGO Masters “M.S.T” i.e. “mid-season twist” and for the four remaining couples — Sarah and Fleur, David and Gus, Harrison and Michael, and Owen and Scott — it was an absolute doozy!

After saying goodbye to Gabby and Ryan during the Sunday, May 2 episode (due to their fountain lacking story and colour), the final four were blindsided when not only the pair — and the three other eliminated contestants — were back.

While the final four seemed thrilled by their return, there was a little bit of shock when Hamish announced they needed not “one but two teams” back in the competition.

In a “sudden life” challenge (not “sudden death” as host Hamish Blake revealed), the top four teams were to sit the challenge out, while the eliminated contestants were to lip-sync for their life build for one of the two spots.

The day’s build was simply called, “Four Seasons” and the challenge was to build something based on, well, the four seasons — winter, spring, summer or autumn.

Picking a tree (instead of a mini-figure pack) Jeff and Atlanta chose summer, while Amy and Dawei chose spring and Jess and Anthony chose autumn, leaving Gabby and Ryan with winter.

After a crazy 10 hours, the builds were complete. Gabby and Ryan’s incredible train wowed the judges, as did Jess and Anthony’s autumn camping adventure — bringing them both successfully back into the competition!

Scroll through for Monday, April 3 incredible LEGO Masters Australia builds in action!

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