The Masked Singer’s Costume Designer Reveals How His Designs Go from Sketch to Stage

Network Ten / Tim Chappel

The Masked Singer “has been a hit since the very first season, but what makes the show so memorable is the larger-than-life costumes the celebrities wear to perform.

Each year, the costume designers work overtime to ensure everything is executed perfectly. From the intricate detail on Atlantis, to the devilish expression on Vampire, no stone is left unturned during the creative process.

POPSUGAR Australia had the opportunity to speak with Tim Chappel, the costume designer for “The Masked Singer“. Not only did he answer some of our most pressing questions, but he also shared the sketches of the masks before they came to life.

POPSUGAR Australia: How long does it take to make a costume from idea to finished product?

Tim Chappel: We start throwing around ideas directly after we finish a season. The process gets serious 16 weeks before RX. Some costumes take 6 months from concept to actualisation. Some little emergencies are born two weeks before the shoot. 

PS: What has been the most random costume? 

TC: Kebab

PS: What has been the most outrageous costume? 

TC: Cactus because she had breasts

PS: What would you say has been the most complicated costume? 

TC: Volcano had a lot of moving parts but he was amazing when everything came together.

PS: What happens to the sets and costumes once the season is over? Are their parts repurposed next season and how do you create while aiming to be sustainable? 

TC: Nothing is ever wasted. All sets and costumes are kept and reused. The costumes are used for marketing or even loaned to international productions of the show

PS: If you were to compete on the show, what characters would you want to inhabit?

 TC: An Angel.

PS: How do you factor in manoeuvrability, contestants being able to breathe/perform properly in their costume? 

TC: I love designing monster costumes, some are up to 3.5 metres high but I never forget that the show is about singing. The performers may have limited vision but the airflow is always good and the costumes are balanced so they don’t tip.

PS: How much input do the celebs have on what their costumes look like? 

TC: We design and make the costumes before we know who is wearing them.

PS: What is your favourite costume you have created for The Masked Singer?

TC: Kebab.

PS: How long does it take for the celebs to get in and out of their costumes? 

TC: Some 2 minutes like Piñata. That is basically a sleeping bag with a bucket. Some take 20 minutes like Dolly. She has to be rebalanced each time she goes on stage.

Take a look at Tim’s incredible drawings below.

Tune into “The Masked Singer” 2023 to find out which big names are behind the disguises. You can watch it ever Monday at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play on Demand. If you miss an episode — catch up on 10 Play.

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