Farmer Wants a Wife 2021: Here’s Who Ended Up Together (or With, Well, No One)

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So there you have it, folks. Another season of Farmer Wants a Wife has come to an end.

With the greatest track record for introducing couples that stay together till the end, the show is responsible for 170 marriages and a whopping 387 babies across the globe.

Let’s recap tonight’s finale, as we look at who Andrew, Will, Matt, Rob, and Sam ended up choosing (maybe they’ll be contributing to the number of marriages in the future?).

Farmer Matt and Tara

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Farmer Matt had a difficult decision to make, should he choose Tara, who has walked out on him before? Or should he pick Alex?

In the end, his chemistry with Tara was far too hard to ignore, and that’s who he decided was the better fit for him.

Farmer Rob

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After a shock shake-up mid-season, which saw him dump all of the potential women who were interested in him, Farmer Rob was left to choose between Vici or Kate.

Surprise! He ended up choosing neither. Not much of a surprise given his track record.

Farmer Andrew and Jess

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After Jess said the L-bomb to Farmer Andrew, it was hard to predict this going any other way. Unfortunately for Ash, she was left heartbroken, as the man she began to fall for decided she wasn’t the one for him.

But Andrew felt strongly about his decision, as he sets his sights on beginning a new life with Jess by his side.

Farmer Will and Jaimee

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Farmer Will picked Jaimee, breaking Kristina’s heart in the process. But the two ended things on a friendly note, and Will now looks to the future with the pediatric nurse.

Farmer Sam and no one

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And in news that shocks absolutely no one, Farmer Sam left the show before the finale, as he sent both women home after friend-zoning them.

Here’s to waiting till next year for our Farmer Wants a Wife fix!

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