‘Married at First Sight’s’ Alana is a Sensitive Soul Who Takes Things to Heart

Alana MAFS
Channel 9

Bride Alana is a sensitive soul who is looking for a loyal partner to enjoy deep conversations with. 

The teacher from Queensland can sometimes be mistaken for being a bit intense due to her tendency to take things to heart and this is something she worries may have impacted her relationships in the past. 

Additionally, Alana feels that in the past men have been more interested in how she looks, than hearing what she has to say. 

Having been single for three years, Alana is hoping to meet the love of her life on Married at First Sight as she indulges in her passion for helping others, especially women. 

High energy, deep thinking and with a huge heart of gold, Alana applies her fast-talking and fun loving approach to all aspects of her life. 

So, will it be happy-ever-after for this girl power positive teacher? Or will her single journey continue for a little longer? Whatever happens, Alana is committed to communicating how she is feeling so viewers, and her groom, are sure to always know exactly what is on her mind. 

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