It’s Time To Meet Alex Hayes, Your Newest Celebrity Apprentice Crush

alex hayes celebrity apprentice

Alex Hayes is one of the 14 Australian celebrities set to enter the boardroom on Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2021.

The youngest of the group at 23, he’s the ultimate Gen-Z slashie and boasts an exceptionally long resume coupled with some pretty amazing life experience.

If you’re racking your brain and can’t quite think of where you’ve heard his name before, think back to 2015 where a 17-year-old grommet sat on his surfboard in the water at Clontarf Beach in Sydney (represent!), with a shark just casually chilling beside him. Yep, that was Hayes. The post immediately went viral and even got picked up internationally.

While everyone went nuts over it, the joke was on us — the whole thing was a prank. The image had been photoshopped by a friend, with Hayes never expecting it to go that far. And with a viral sensation comes great responsibility and Hayes found social media stardom.

With a cool 518K followers, this Sydney-sider’s life (and social media, @alexhayes) is full of daredevil stunts — except, none of them photoshopped.

A likely side effect of growing up on the Northern Beaches, Hayes is a surfer and when he’s not on a surfboard, it’s a snowboard or a wakeboard.

Another thing he seems to do a lot? Jump off of things. Bridges, rocks, cliff faces, planes, hot air balloons — you name it, he’s jumped off it. This kid is one hell of an adrenaline junkie.

But beyond living a life most of us would kill to have, Hayes also has quite a few side hustles — perfect for someone appearing on Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

He ran a successful Youtube for years (with 381K followers although it seems to have been dormant for the last 12 months) as well as DJing and according to his Instagram bio, he is set to release new music on June 18 — you can find his Spotify Artist page here.

Not only is Hayes an ambassador for Vacay Seltzer, a healthy, alcoholic seltzer brand (a position he shares with another familiar Northern Beaches face and Big Brother star, Katie Williams) he’s also got his own business, The Daily Living, which sells apparel.

Budding entrepreneur? Check!

Oh, and if you’re wondering if he has a girlfriend (aren’t we all) the social media star doesn’t seem to. He dated fellow YouTuber Eva Gutowski in his teens, but nobody of interest seems to have popped up since.

Hayes is participating to raise awareness and money for, a mental health charity he is passionate about.

Celebrity Apprentice Australia will air on Channel Nine and 9Now from Sunday to Tuesday from May 23.

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