Meet Farmer Andrew, the Sheep Farmer Looking For His Ride Or Die

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With the new season of Farmer Wants a Wife starting this Sunday, we’ve been doing some digging to learn all about this year’s farmers.

Farmer Andrew is “ready to find love, ready to settle down”.

“It’s you and your partner as a team against the world,” he envisions in his promo. “Your ride or die! That’s what it should be.”

So let’s get to know him.

“I’d like to think I’m a bit of a catch,” Andrew laughs, before adding, “obviously I haven’t been caught yet, maybe I’m not a catch, I dunno!”

Andrew says that he’s “a pretty honest sort of person”, and “someone who’s very loving and romantic, everyday”.

“I think I’d be a great husband, I can cook!” he exclaims.

Andrew says that he enjoys farming (it would be unfortunate if he didn’t!), as well as footy, motorbike riding, snowboarding, camping and travelling.

A “glass-half-full type of guy”, Andrew promises “good chat” and “plenty of laughs”, but says that in order for a relationship to blossom, “the chemistry needs to be there from the start”.

Andrew says that it’s “a bit tiresome” to be 30 and single in a small town, and is sick of having to attend events and parties as the single guy.

“It’s hard to find people around this small community when you’re 30,” he explains. “Most people are either taken or very young.”

Andrew says that love is “very important” to him, and that it gets “a bit lonely sometimes” living and working on the farm without someone to go home to at the end of the day.

He’s looking for someone to “share experiences with, get married, have kids, all those sorts of things”.

Andrew’s ideal partner would be “laid back and funny”, but it’s also important that she’s “interested in the country lifestyle and small community”.

“I’d like to have a girl who’s not afraid to get in and get their hands dirty, and who wants to go out and do stuff,” he says.

Promising his potential love “a great life”, Andrew says that although he’s not one for grand gestures, he’s all “about doing little things every day to make sure your partner feels loved and supported”.

While only two couples from the 2020 Australian series led to a happily ever after ending, Farmer Wants A Wife remains the most successful and enduring reality dating series. The Australian series alone has resulted in nine marriages, one long-term relationship, and a whopping 23 babies!

We’re crossing our fingers for Farmer Andrew!

Farmer Wants A Wife premieres at 7.00pm this Sunday, on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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