Baby on The Masked Singer Is Creepy AF, But Who Is Behind the Mask?

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Out of all the characters on The Masked Singer, it’s safe to say Baby is by far the creepiest.

Despite Jackie O saying she feels clucky after meeting the giant child, I don’t think many people share those same sentiments.

But regardless, it doesn’t stop us from wondering which celeb is hiding behind the mask.

In a clip shared on The Masked Singer’s Instagram account, Baby revealed some clues about themselves, saying: “I never want to grow up so I can keep doing what a baby does.”

They continued: “I’m Baby and I don’t ever want to grow up! I love flowers, I’ve been around them all my life. I’m a baby, so I’m short but not short for anything in particular!”

“Aren’t these animals perfect? Well, I don’t like perfection, it makes me go waa! waa! Am I the type to spit the dummy? I am not! That’s a nasty web you weave when you do that, and watch out for the spider’s bite,” they said.

“I’ve been front and centre and I’ve been on the wings. Front and centre is better. I’m Baby and I’m going to get my way tonight.”

Fans of the show have already thrown around a few names, confident that they have it in the bag.

“Ella Hooper. Her label is Wah Wah and she’s from Violet Town,” one user wrote.

“Charlotte Crosby. Web reference = Charlotte’s Web. Got angry with the bed = Cross Bee/Crosby. Also she leaked that she was quarantining in Aus when this show was about to start filming,” another added.

Others believe it could be Natalie Bassingthwaighte, but whether or not they’re correct, is yet to be seen.

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