‘Married at First Sight’s’ Bryce is an Alpha Male Who Wants the “White Picket Fence”

Channel 9

31-year-old Bryce is a radio announcer, so you know that this groom has the gift of the gab. 

This super confident, straight talking Canberra native can sometimes come across as arrogant or cocky but admits he is not worried one bit by the fact that some guys might find him a tad intimidating. 

Bryce can always be relied on to speak his mind and would describe himself as outspoken and opinionated with a propensity for using certain situations to his advantage. 

This alpha-male has been engaged before and despite that relationship ending fairly recently, Bryce says he is ready to find “the one” to settle down and start a family with. 

So, what exactly is Bryce looking for in his dream girl? Ideally, someone adventurous, attractive and sporty who shares his dreams of having the “white picket fence.” 

Bryce’s confidence and willingness to try new things have brought him to the Married at First Sight experiment as he is willing to do whatever it takes to make love blossom. 

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