‘Married at First Sight’s’ Jason Is a Party Boy Who Says He Is Ready to Settle Down

Channel 9

35-year-old Jason is your quintessential party boy who loves to live life like he’s still in his twenties.

His mum has tried to set him up several times, to no avail, so hopefully the Married at First Sight experts have more luck. 

This construction estimator from Queensland might have a few trust issues to work through, as his last three girlfriends were unfaithful. Still, Jason thinks it just might be the right time to curb his bachelor ways and settle down with a nice girl — something all of his mates have already done. 

Jason would love to meet a woman with a sense of humour similar to his, and he is hoping to find that “spark that Hollywood movies are made out of.” 

This life of the party is confident when interacting with members of the opposite sex and says he is desperate to finally “The One”, but can he really leave his wild ways behind him? We’ll just have to wait and see. 


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