‘Married at First Sight’s’ Melissa Is Extremely Shy and Has Never Been on a Date

Channel 9

Dating can be hard enough, but when you are an extremely shy, introverted person, it can be near impossible. 

Just ask Melissa, a 31-year-old workplace trainer who has never had a date, despite being beautiful and successful. 

Melissa has tried all of the usual ways of getting “out there”, such as dating apps, but sadly has never had any luck, leaving her lonely and very keen to meet a wonderful partner. 

The only problem is, Melissa’s inexperience has her nervous for what her future husband may think, as she is worried he won’t understand why she has never had a relationship. Melissa lacks confidence in herself and therefore would do well with a partner who can lift her spirits and make her feel special . 

According to the MAFS experts, there are some great love stories to look forward to this year on Married at First Sight, so hopefully this gentle soul is one of the lucky ones who finds her forever man.

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