Who is Pavlova on The Masked Singer Australia? Here’s What We Know

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The Masked Singer Australia has kicked off, bringing endless amounts of entertainment into our dreary locked down lives.

12 characters make an appearance this season, and they’re all as obscure as the next. It’s evident the costume department has been working overtime, as some of the Masks will most likely appear in your nightmares for days to come.

Pavlova has long been a topic of debate among Australians and Kiwis. Both sides believe the delicious summer dessert originated from their country, so we’re not entirely sure if the character Pavlova features an Aussie celeb or a famous face from New Zealand.

Channel 10 posted a tiny snippet of the terrifying … thing, saying, “I’m just as sweet as I look, all the way to my sugary soul.”

Assuming it’s a girl because of its high-pitched voice, we’re wondering if it’s Lorde. She’s Kiwi, a fantastic vocalist and we’re sure she can bust a move.

She also recently released new music after a fairly long hiatus, so her competing on The Masked Singer isn’t a completely ridiculous idea.

Others believe it may be a Kiwi who claims to be Australian so … Russell Crowe?

Personally, I think Pavlova looks more like a clove of garlic but hey, the characters aren’t exactly supposed to be lifelike, accurate depictions, so I’m not complaining.

The Masked Singer premieres on September 13 on Channel 10 and 10play.

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