Which Beauty and the Geek Couples Are Still Together? Here’s the Scoop

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Beauty and the Geek crowned their winner last night, as Lachy and Kiera took home the grand prize of $100,000.

But just because the show has come to an end, doesn’t mean we’re not invested in how their lives play out afterwards.

As viewers, we witnessed 10 Geeks and 10 Beauties join forces to be each other’s biggest supporters.

In the process, three couples developed feelings for each other: Kiran and Bryanna, George and Josie and James and Jess.

But with filming having ended earlier in the year, we’re wondering, are they still together?

The contestants are not allowed to disclose any information, so we’re going off rumours here, but here’s what we know.

Kiran and Bryanna 

They were the first to confess their feelings for one another, but unfortunately, they were the first out of the three couples to head home.

Since leaving the show, the two have shared words of support on their Instagram pages for each other but nothing that would be deemed as romantic.

But now, Kiran has opened up and addressed all the speculation surrounding the pair’s relationship.

“Since our elimination, a lot of people have been asking what happened between Bry and myself after the show. The short answer is we are friends,” he wrote on Instagram.

“I ‘dated’ Bryanna for a couple weeks after our elimination, but it was tricky to find time for each other, having to travel back and forth between Melbourne and Sydney twice, once for the pitches and again for the finale. What I found particularly difficult about dating someone you met on reality TV is at some point you need to try to figure out what was reality and what was TV. 

“What happened between us was real as far as I am concerned, but I also kind of felt like a lab rat in an experiment who was suddenly released back into the wild. I had no idea what to do.”

He revealed he asked Bryanna for a “reset” so they could learn to be friends before jumping into a relationship.

“You could say this message ended our relationship, but it would be incorrect to say I didn’t like her. If anything, my anxiety was due to the fact I liked her a lot, and this was my attempt to figure out what our new relationship on the outside could look like,” he wrote. 

“Since then we’ve enjoyed a really healthy, three-dimensional friendship. I know I can go to Bry for advice and I try to make myself available to her for the same. I meet up with Bry fairly regularly (whenever COVID restrictions allow us to) and I am still super grateful for everything Bry has done for me. The romance may be on pause, but our friendship has never been stronger.

“Bry gave me this key a couple days after the finale aired and I will always treasure it. It’s the key to my future, and that’s exactly what the #BATG experience was all about.”

James and Jess

On Monday night’s episode, James and Jess said the big L word to one another.

After confessing their love for one another, the two were eliminated from the show.

Neither of them has spoken about their relationship since being eliminated, and have been ignoring comments asking if they’re still together.

Unfortunately, it seems like they’re no longer seeing each other according to an insider who spoke to So Dramatic‘s Megan Pustetto.

“Jessica stopped talking to James as soon as the show was over, she basically ghosted him,” a source told Pustetto.

“He was devastated as he thought they had a real and special connection and were going to continue things on the outside.”

George and Josie

George and Josie’s feelings for each other slowly grew as each episode passed, as they discussed moving to be closer to one another and embracing one another’s passions.

But when asked by Who Magazine whether they’re still together, George said: “Unfortunately I’m not allowed to say. All I can really say is we are definitely still close.”

Josie then told Yahoo that they were “in a good, healthy spot” which doesn’t really mean anything.

Sadly, it seems the pandemic and the distance came in between them, as according to the So Dramatic podcast, they are no longer seeing one another. 

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