“Only Murders in the Building” Ends With a Third Murder – Here's Who Might Have Done It

Hulu / Craig Blankenhorn

The final episode of “Only Murders in the Building” season two may have wrapped up who killed Bunny, but it left us with a brand-new mystery for the show’s third instalment.

At the end of the episode, Oliver (Martin Short) is asked to direct a new musical on Broadway. He says yes, and we jump a year forward to the opening night of said musical, the name of which we do not learn. Oliver is trying to appease his star, Ben Glenroy, played by none other than Paul Rudd! Ben is pissed at someone he refers to as a “f*ckbag,” and he asks Oliver if the person has apologized yet. Oliver doesn’t take sides but tells him to use his anger in his performance.

We soon realise who Ben was talking about: his costar, Charles (Steve Martin). The two, both wearing matching detective costumes, get into a fight on the stage. Charles warns Ben: “Be smart. Stay away from her,” and then ominously says, “I know what you did.”

In the audience, Oliver, Mabel (Selena Gomez), Lucy (Zoe Colletti), and Joy (Andrea Martin) are all excited for the show to begin and glad to have made it a year with no drama. But moments after the curtain rises, Ben drops dead to the seeming shock of everyone involved.

So who killed Ben Glenroy? We don’t have a ton to go on just yet, but we can make a preliminary suspect list to mull over before season three hits Disney+. Read on for everyone we think just might be guilty.

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