Who Killed Ben on “Only Murders in the Building?” What We Know So Far

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Warning: The following story contains spoilers for “Only Murders in the Building.

There’s just one episode of “Only Murders in the Building” season three left. And guess what? We have a clearer picture of who probably killed Ben Glenroy, played by Paul Rudd. Oliver (Martin Short) cast Ben as the lead in his Broadway comeback production, “Death Rattle,” turning him from a superhero actor into a Broadway leading man. Unfortunately, someone poisons Ben backstage on opening night, and he collapses just after the curtain rises.

But, as we learn in episode one, Ben somehow survives that mishap. Instead, someone pushes him down the elevator shaft at the Arconia, ultimately causing his death. Mabel (Selena Gomez) and Charles (Steve Martin) are all-in on investigating the murder, but Oliver — who’s decided to retool “Death Rattle” as a musical — is more worried about getting his new show together in record time. As the trio fall apart and ultimately come back together, they struggle to figure out what’s going on in this whodunnit.

Here’s What’s Going Down

As for clues (and red herrings), the series has offered quite a bit. Ben’s brother and manager Dickie (Jeremy Shamos) hates his guts and spent his whole life cleaning up his messes. Leading lady Loretta (Meryl Streep) is secretly Dickie’s birth mom, who’s desperate to protect him and finally forge a relationship with him. Documentarian Tobert (Jesse Williams) has footage of Ben fighting with someone in his dressing room opening night, but not who it was. On opening night, the stage manager’s office was locked, and someone was shredding paper. Plus, there are other members of “Death Rattle”‘s cast and production who all have pretty good reasons to hate Ben’s guts.

In episode nine, which premiered on Sept. 26, we finally get answers to a lot of these hanging threads. Ben wasn’t fighting with a person — he was fighting with the cookies he desperately wanted to eat. And it turns out those cookies contained the poison that killed him. Our podcast trio thinks they know who the killer is, but what if the person who poisoned Ben is different from the person who threw him down the elevator?

So, who killed Ben in “Only Murders in the Building”? Read on for the full list of suspects so far and what evidence we (and Mabel, Charles, and Oliver) have of their guilt.

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