“Only Murders in the Building” Has Another Murder Victim – Who Did It?

Hulu / Patrick Harbron

Watch out! This post contains spoilers.

Just as “Only Murders in the Building” wrapped up the Ben Glenroy case in the season three finale, the series gave us a fourth murder victim, whose demise will likely be the focus of season four; Hulu renewed the series for season four on Oct. 2, the day season three wrapped up. At the end of the episode, Charles (Steve Martin), Oliver (Martin Short), and Mabel (Selena Gomez) are celebrating finding Ben’s killers, plus the premiere of “Death Rattle” the musical. At the party, they’re joined by Sazz (Jane Lynch). Sazz is Charles’s body double, and they look a lot alike from a distance or in the dark.

Charles tells the group he’s going to go to his apartment to get a special bottle of wine, but somehow Sazz ends up going in his place. As she walks through the dark apartment, someone attacks her. As she lies on the floor, bleeding out, she tries to use the blood to write something on the floor. It’s unclear if she’s dead by the time the credits roll.

So who killed Sazz? Before she’s attacked, she tells Charles she has something sensitive to talk to him about in private, and it’s not clear if they get the chance to chat before she dies. On the one hand, it’s possible the killer thought she was Charles and that’s why she was attacked, but since Sazz’s life is pretty mysterious to us right now, it’s also possible the killer did want to kill her specifically.

Nonetheless, let’s run down the possible killers right now and where their guilt or innocence currently lies. And we’re ruling out all of season three‘s flashy guest stars (that means you, Meryl Streep and Jesse Williams) because the finale basically sets up that they won’t be returning for more episodes.

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