Everyone Who Has Left “The Summit” 2023 Competition So Far

the summit 2023 who left
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The Summit” 2023 made an explosive debut, instantly captivating audiences with its thrilling premise. This adrenaline-pumping challenge show has wasted no time in delivering heart-racing action that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Despite only just beginning, there have already been some trekkers who left “The Summit”.

Right from the get-go, 14 trekkers embarked on a daring mission to conquer a remote mountain in New Zealand. With $1 million at stake, the contestants must work together through perilous terrain to reach the summit within 14 days and seize the prize money. Their quest isn’t for the faint of heart, as they’re faced gruelling challenges and unpredictable obstacles in their race against time.

However, not every participant will have what it takes to reach the final destination. A trekker may opt to withdraw if they find themselves unable to continue. Alternatively, the group may choose to leave a struggling member behind, resulting in their prize money departing with them.

In an intriguing twist, upon reaching designated checkpoints, the group is granted the power to vote off a fellow trekker. This strategic move allows the group to take their share of the prize money. Or there’s the risk of the Mountain’s Keeper abruptly eliminating someone from the competition without any prior warning.

Here’s everyone who has left “The Summit” so far:


alex the summit 2023
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indy the summit 2023
Channel 9


josh the summit 2023
Channel 9


sam the summit 2023
Channel 9


phillip the summit 2023
Channel 9


annikki the summit 2023
Channel 9


the summit 2023 gemma
Channel 9


jacqui the summit 2023
Channel 9


catherine the summit 2023
Channel 9


stephen the summit 2023
Channel 9

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