Everyone Who Has Gone Home So Far on The Traitors

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Channel 10’s latest reality TV series The Traitors has well and truly kicked off, and we’ve been on the edge of our seats since the very first episode.

The debut season, hosted by Rodger Corser, takes place in an old hotel and sees the contestants compete in challenges to win bars of silver, which will total up to $250,000 in the end.

The contestants are either ‘Faithfuls’ or ‘Traitors’, with the Traitors being tasked with convincing the Faithfuls that they’re one of them.

Before the competition comes to an end, the Faithfuls need to figure out who among them is a Traitor; otherwise, they will take home the entire prize money.

If a Faithful wins, they have the choice of keeping the full amount or splitting it with their fellow Faithful.

Speaking to The Latch, Corser explained the show’s rules, saying there are two ways people can be eliminated from the game.

They can either be “murdered by a Traitor” or “banished” by other contestants at the “Banishment Ceremony” if they’re giving off sus vibes.

Out of the 24 contestants, four are Traitors, and only they know who the other Traitors are. Nigel, Claire, Marielle and Angus are tasked with deceiving the Faithfuls to win $250,000.

Each night, two people will say goodbye to the competition. One will be murdered, and the other will be banished.

So without further ado, here is everyone who has been eliminated from The Traitors so far.

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