There Can Only Be One — Learn Who Has Been Eliminated From “Australian Idol”

Who was eliminated from Australian Idol 2024?
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Australian Idol” is a series that makes dreams a reality. From Guy Sebastian to Casey Donovan to Royston Sagigi-Baira, this series is excellent at making people stars. Even forgotten “Australian Idol” winners, like Natalie Gauci, made hit singles and are still in the music industry to this day. For this very reason, a lot of Australians sign up for this series every year, and 2024 isn’t an exception.

However, “Australian Idol” is a singing competition. This means that some people are going to get cut, with the show’s contestants getting eliminated by both the judges and the general public alike. When you’re on “Australian Idol”, you’re not safe until the final votes are counted and the country declares you a winner.

According to one of the “Australian Idol” judges, Amy Shark, eliminating singers from this season was incredibly tough. This is because the talent on display was unparalleled. 

“It’s really hard to ‘judge’ someone,” Amy said. “I don’t even know where that word sits with me, to be honest. I could never do what some of these kids have done. They come into this room and give it their all. I couldn’t do that, but I’m meant to judge that. It’s hard.”

If you want to have a list of everyone who was eliminated in the 2024 season of  “Australian Idol”, you have come to the right place. With Dylan Wright winning, here’s everyone who was eliminated in 2024.

Who Has Been Eliminated From “Australian Idol” 2024?

Amy Reeves

Denvah Baker-Moller

Billy Menhennet

Cynthia Negash

Eli Parr

Jet Cameron

Gab Hester

Prayer Corby

Jonathan Wells

Jess Chalmers

Jesse Lazaroo

Bethany Byrne

Kobe White

Chenai Boucher

Natasha Rose

Jackson Smith

Saoirse Harding

Jake Carlson

Olivia Brittion

Kym Miaco

TJ Zimba

Imogen Spendlove

Ripley Alexander

Tyler Hammill

Kiani Smith

Drea Onamade

Ivana Ilic

Isaac McCallum

Trent Richardson

As it stands, there are still a lot of “Australian Idol” contestants that will be eliminated from its 2024 season. If you want to watch this drama, “Australian Idol” is playing on Channel 7 and 7 Plus. New episodes will air at 7pm on Sundays and at 7.30pm Mondays through Wednesdays. Miss an episode? Catch up on 7 Plus.

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