Who Was Sent Home on “The Traitors” 2023?

the traitors 2023 who went home
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Let the games begin! “The Traitors” has officially kicked off, and we’re on the edge of our seats, eagerly awaiting the twists and turns that lie ahead. It also means that we need to keep up with who was sent home on “The Traitors” 2023.

Contestants find themselves locked in a high-stakes battle of wits. They face off in a series of challenges, all in pursuit of the elusive bars of silver. With the grand prize totalling an astounding $250,000, the stakes have never been higher. But things are different this time around. Among the 20 contestants are reality legends like “Australian Survivor” star Luke Toki, “My Kitchen Rules” chef and media personality Ash Pollard.

In this tantalising game of deception, the cast is divided into two distinct categories — the “Faithfuls” and the “Traitors.” The Traitors, armed with a mission to infiltrate and deceive, must skilfully blend in with the Faithfuls to avoid detection. The challenge for the Faithfuls is equally daunting: to unmask the Traitors before the final curtain falls.

Speaking to POPSUGAR Australia, host Rodger Corser said we should expect to see “some strong players” this year.

“This is a game about telling untruths — especially if you’re a Traitor — and our Traitors… are outstanding at keeping a straight face and telling absolute porky pies to other people,” Rodger said.

“It’s one thing to keep it up for a small amount of time. It’s another to keep it up for three weeks, non-stop, in one location, and in between playing the game you’re locked in your hotel room.”

Everyone Sent Home on “The Traitors” 2023

Lost the Silver in the Traitors’ Dilemma: Camille (Traitor)

The Traitors 2023 Camille
Network 10

Lost the Silver in the Traitors’ Dilemma: Blake (Traitor)

the traitors 2023 blake
Network 10

Lost the Silver in the Traitors’ Dilemma: Sam (Traitor)

The Traitors 2023 Sam
Network 10

Banished: Sarah (Faithful)

The Traitors 2023 Sarah
Network 10

Banished: Liam (Faithful)

The Traitors 2023 Liam
Network 10

Murdered: Hannah (Faithful)

The Traitors 2023 Hannah
Network 10

Banished: Gloria (Faithful)

The Traitors 2023 Gloria
Network 10

Banished: Keith (Faithful)

The Traitors 2023 Keith
Network 10

Murdered: Luke (Faithful)

The Traitors 2023 Luke
Network 10

Banished: Simone (Faithful)

The Traitors 2023 Simone
Network 10

Murdered: Roha (Faithful)

The Traitors 2023 Roha
Network 10

Banished: Annabel (Faithful)

the traitors 2023 annabel
Network 10

Murdered: Paul (Faithful)

The Traitors 2023 Paul
Network 10

Banished: Ian (Faithful)

The Traitors 2023 Ian
Network 10

Banished: Ash (Traitor)

Ash Pollard The Traitors 2023
Network 10

Murdered: Paeden (Faithful)

The Traitors 2023 Paeden
Network 10

Murdered: Elias (Faithful)

The Traitors 2023 Elias
Network 10

Banished: Gyton (Faithful)

The Traitors 2023 Gyton
Network 10

Banished: Corinne (Faithful)

The Traitors 2023 Corinne
Network 10

Murdered: Anjelica (Faithful)

the traitors 2023 anjelica
Network 10

The Traitors” airs at 7.30pm, Sunday – Tuesdays, only on 10 and 10 Play

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