Every Eligible Lady That Didn’t Receive a Rose on “The Bachelors” 2023

who went home on the bachelors
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It’s the most romantic time of the year (again) because “The Bachelors” has officially premiered its second season of 2023 on Network 10. If you’ve been craving the gossip of the ‘ton as you await the third instalment of “Bridgerton“, the events of this reality show could just hold you over. The producers are in their Shonda Rhimes era it seems.

There are mansions, ballrooms, secrets and mysteries to unveil but, of course, between the moments of romance, there’s disappointment too. Not every eligible lady will make it to the end. Some will stay with roses in hand and others will head home feeling pricked by love’s cruel thorns.

In the end, there can only be three women to capture the hearts of our Bachelors — Ben Waddell, Wesley Senna Cortes and Luke Bateman — unless they decide to take the lead of ex-Bachie heartthrob Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins and decide upon no one at all.

But before we come to any proposals or the confessions of undying devotion that the end of season brings, let’s start with the episode play by play. Ahead, you’ll find a full list of who went home on “The Bachelors”. With four ladies already feeling the sting of elimination in the first episode alone, we’re sure fans will be on the edge of their seats with each rose ceremony.

Who Went Home on “The Bachelors”?

Amelia, 25, NSW

the bachelors cast amelia
Network 10

Aarthi, 29, NSW

the bachelors cast aarthi
Network 10

Maddison, 24, VIC

the bachelors cast maddison
Network 10

Natalie, 27, VIC

the bachelors cast natalie
Network 10

Nella, 33, NSW

Network 10

Jade, 27, QLD

the bachelors cast jade
Network 10

Caitlin, 25, VIC

the bachelors cast caitlin
Network 10

Anastasia, 32, VIC

the bachelors cast anastasia
Network 10

Evangeline (Evie), 29, SA

the bachelors cast evie
Network 10

Tabitha, 27, QLD

the bachelors cast tabitha
Network 10

Lisa, 23, NSW

the bachelors cast lisa
Network 10

Mel, 35, NT

the bachelors cast mel
Network 10

Dana, 25, NSW

the bachelors cast dana
Network 10

Holly, 27, NSW

the bachelors cast holly
Network 10

Angie, 33, VIC

the bachelors cast angie
Network 10

Chrystal, 25, VIC

the bachelors cast chrystal
Network 10

Carla, 23, NSW

the bachelors cast-carla
Network 10

Kristen, 32, QLD

the bachelors cast kristen
Network 10

Yasemin, 32, VIC

the bachelors cast yasemin
Network 10

Tune into “The Bachelors” at 7:30pm on Channel 10 and 10 Play.

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