Every MasterChef Contestant Who Has Scored That Sweet, Sweet Immunity This Season

MasterChef Pete
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When you’re vying for a $250,000 prize, there is nothing more enticing than knowing you are safe from being eliminated from the competition.

With the 2021 season of MasterChef Australia well and truly underway, we’ve seen some incredible dishes plated up and some very exciting superstar challenges issued by Nigella Lawson, Yotam Ottolenghi, Massimo Bottura, Clare Smyth and the king of quirk — Heston Blumenthal.

During Blumenthal’s “Breakfast for Dessert” challenge, Pete, Linda, Depinder, Conor and Aaron stepped up to the plate and turned breakfast staples such as bacon, avocado, cornflakes, tea and Vegemite into “Heston level” after dinner treats.

Ultimately, Pete wowed the judges the most with his delicious bacon ice cream and potato chips and was granted immunity from the next elimination.

In the first week of the cooking competition past winner, Emelia Jackson, presented a mystery box challenge with three immunity pins as the ultimate prize, especially as there will be no more immunity pins for the rest of the season.

In a big win for the girls, Therese, Elise, and Wynona earned themselves the immunity pins, which they can use at any time during the competition — even during an elimination cook.

Elise and Wynona used their pin — handing them in to escape elimination during the challenge set for them by Callum, Poh and Reynold.

Meanwhile, in a shocking twist, Therese opted not to use her immunity pin despite a disastrous cook during Kirsten Tibballs’ dessert challenge — which resulted in her being eliminated.

In recent weeks, Sabina was awarded the season’s most valuable immunity, receiving safety from a double elimination and a $10,000 grocery haul from Coles, while Linda’s immunity ensured her spot in finals week. 

Justin became the first cook to gain a place in the top ten, having won immunity through his nostalgic dessert. He made Vanilla Coke Ice cream, potato chip crumb, Coke jelly with a Coke spider foam, tempered chocolate and vinegar chip disc and Mel said it just transported her right back to childhood.

Depinder had immunity two weeks in a row, having first wowed everyone with her fried chicken and then again with her fire-cooked tandoori chicken, lassi and naan bread.

Tommy also enjoyed being marked safe from being eliminated thanks to his truly inspired Bánh mì danish which, frankly, we cannot stop thinking about and need to get to Lune to try immediately.

Prior to that, Linda shone with her spicy creation, earning herself a night off come elimination time.

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