David and Gus Won LEGO Masters Season Three and Reduced Brickmaster To Tears

lego masters 2021 finale

Each week, we’ve watched in awe as various teams of two bring to life incredible scenes of nature, Marvel lairs, fantastic beasts and more — all through the power of minuscule LEGO bricks (3.2 million, to be precise) on LEGO Masters 2021.

After saying goodbye to some incredible teams along the way, heading into the finale were David and Gus, Gabby and Ryan, Scott and Owen.

And on the Monday, May 18 episode of the hit series, it all came to a head as they battled it out for the LEGO crown and a cash prize of $100,000.

Although we had seen some pretty difficult challenges along the way, the final one topped the brick-made cake: a ‘free build’ that lasted a huge 28 hours.

Each team was free to build whatever they wanted — with host Hamish Blake telling them,: “Tonight you have earned the right to build whatever you want.”

With such a mammoth task ahead of them, David and Gus created a forest scene (without any mechanical features); Gabby and Ryan built a big top circus with a rotating stage and Scott and Owen made an ‘engineers vs hippies’ scene.

All were absolutely incredible, however, only one scene could come out on top with the winner decided by 250 fans and Ryan McNaught a.k.a Brickman, who was able to award 100 votes.

After 28 hours (we still can’t get over it), David and Gus were declared the winners with their spectacular forest scene — one so beautiful, that it brought Brickman to tears.

Source: Channel 9

“You’ve made a build-in 28 hours,” he said choking up. “I– feel – I feel like I’m in a forest. I feel like there’s danger, I feel anticipation, I feel concern, I feel tranquil, I feel all of those things out of a plastic brick… it’s beautiful, it really is.”

Now that they’ve won, David and Gus have some serious plans for the prize money. Gus is planning to purchase new furniture for his home while David will put his towards paying off his house. Of course, they’ll also be treating themselves to some brand new LEGO, because once a LEGO Master, always a LEGO master.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to join the next season of LEGO Masters, expressions of interest are now open.

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