Anita Wig’Lit Reveals Why Art Simone Came Back to RuPaul’s Drag Race

Art Simone

It was the biggest shock in RuPaul’s Drag Race chopping block history, as Art Simone’s dreams were snatched away from her after competing as Bindi Irwin in the infamous Snatch Game.

“I’m very disappointed that I’ve let down all my friends and family at home,” Art said during her elimination. “And, I’ve failed, completely. I have thousands of fans that are expecting a certain level from me and I clearly didn’t deliver it… and I’m the strongest one here.”

While fans were reeling about the elimination, in a shock twist during the Saturday, May 21 episode of Stan’s Drag Race: Down Under, Art (AKA Jack Daye) reemerged out of a pile of trash and was back in the competition.

Even though Art definitely deserves to be there, it did beg the question — why on earth did she come back?

In an interview with eliminated Queen, Anita Wig’lit (we stan), we asked her if RuPaul gave a reason as to why Art came back.

“No there wasn’t,” she told POPSUGAR Australia. “I think the reason Art came back was because she’s probably one of the most famous drag queens in all of Australasia — if not, for some people, the most famous. I think because of that, there was an expectation that she would probably win. I think everyone was expecting it and so when she went home so early, it was so devastating.”

According to Anita, it “made sense” to bring her back because “she had so much to show”.

“But then, it’s like, Coco [Jumbo] and Jojo [Zaho] would have had so much more to show too. I was just shocked! I was gagged!”

During the episode’s maxi challenge, RuPaul announced that the Queens would be turning other people’s “trash into treasures” and had to create an outfit out of odd pieces, however, as he was announcing, the pile began to move.

“This dumpster is filled with items that people have tossed away. Things that deserve a second chance,” Ru said before Art emerged saying, “I’m back!”

“Art Simone is rejoining the competition officially,“ Ru added to a shocked Werk room, before telling her that people rarely get a second chance in life and should make the most of it.

After her elimination, Art told POPSUGAR Australia why she was so devastated to be eliminated in the first place.

“It sounds so stupid,” she admitted, before adding: “But it’s like when you’ve been working in your industry for this long, you’re aspiring for this moment and it gets taken away from you.

“I’m very cognisant if I’m bad and if I do a bad job and I looked like cr*p, I would have been like, ‘I get it. I get it. I really messed up.’ But I’m so self-critical and editorial that I was like, ‘No I know that I’m not the worst.’ So it was all of these little voices saying, ‘this doesn’t make sense.’”

Now that she’s back, the competition is going to heat up and we’re betting she is the one to watch.

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