“I Knew That I Needed to Go”: Chloe Reveals Why She Decided to Quit The Traitors

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Channel 10’s newest reality TV series The Traitors is shrouded in mystery, and this week, things took an even more drastic turn when a contestant decided to quit the show.

On Tuesday night’s episode, the Faithfuls gathered around the breakfast table, waiting to see who had been murdered overnight by the Traitors.

However, they were surprised to see host Roger Corser walk through the door looking solemn. Corser announced that while Ethan had been killed by the Traitors, Chloe had chosen to walk out of the show.

“It was a really intense experience,” the clairvoyant and psychic medium told 10 Play. “There were a lot of different personalities in the room and trying to work out who the Traitors are, everyone was suspicious of each other. It was a very suspicious environment but, at the same time, it was very thrilling.”

At the second banishment ceremony, things got really heated between the contestants, but Chloe remained silent.

Her attitude didn’t go unnoticed, and when interrogated by her fellow players, Chloe told them she prefers not to speak.

“A lot of people had told me that they didn’t want to hear what I had to say,” Chloe explained, “so I gave them that. I just decided I’m not going to speak.

“I just remember thinking I don’t want to be here, this environment doesn’t feel secure for my energy, for my wellbeing, and no one valued what I had to say. I knew that I needed to go.”

She then named four people whom she believed to be Traitors, before leaving the room and, eventually, the game.

“It wasn’t an easy decision to make; I really questioned it and thought should I stay? Am I letting myself down? Am I letting the game down? But I knew that I couldn’t keep taking on everyone’s energy and I needed to come back to my centre,” she explained.

“I did it for myself, and, truthfully, I feel that was the best choice I could make. I’m happy with my choice.”

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