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Why Did Locky Send Juliette Home on The Bachelor

Juliette Was Sent Home From The Bachelor Tonight After Confronting Locky for Wasting Her Time

On tonight's episode of The Bachelor, there were two single dates, a second for Irena, and a first in real life for Izzy, as well as one-on-one time for Steph after she gave Locky a pash on the annual stroke-the-blindfolded-and-almost-naked-Bachelor group date. It's a staple of the franchise!

Juliette (and also Maddy) meanwhile had no solo time with the Bachelor — not tonight or seemingly at any earlier juncture on the show, not even after her controversial letter move at the start of the season. Locky said at the time he wanted to get to know the real outdoors-y Juliette.

Talking to the other women in the mansion, Juliettte said that she and Locky had connected during "Love in Lockdown" but that now she felt that the Bachelor was avoiding her. "I'm feeling confused," she said.

"I've been texting him every day. I could be texting other boys. You know it takes time to text? Precious time!" Juliette said to camera, in a statement so many single women relate to.

Juliette confronted Locky at the cocktail party about his seeming lack of interest in her, because she, in her words, refused to "go away quietly". She told the camera her intention was to tell him Locky that she does really like him, and that she's "been waiting patiently for him to go through all the plebs before he comes to the queen."

"I'm gonna ask Locky, do you want me to be dull and dead in the eyes like Bella?," she said. "Do you want me to be a grandma like Irena and knit you blankets and scratch your back and change your nappy? . . . Do you just want a friend like Izzy?

"I thought he wanted adventure! I thought he wanted a wild woman!"

What Juliette did next was truly iconic. She told Locky about all the other men she could be flirting with if she wasn't stuck in the Bachelor mansion, waiting for him to pay attention to her.

"I feel like you don't really know a lot about me because I was always hoping to have a date with you and have that chat with you physically, because I'm a physical person. All the time I messaged you and was trying to reach out to you, I'm like, 'Does he know that in my DMs I'm not replying to certain people from LA? Like Young Thug's producer or The Chainsmokers?'"

But Locky had no idea who those people were, with Juliette explaining to camera the calibre of the people doing the cheeky slide into her DMs (TikTok stars! "My rappers"), a move Locky is apparently very familiar with.

"I have to remember who I am," she concluded to camera. "Hello, I'm amazing. If that's too confronting for Locky then just get rid of me, because I've got DMs to go back to."

It turns out that Locky doesn't like to be confronted, as we saw again at the tail-end of the episode when Bella came to him with her insecurities about her new rival Irena, and every time Roxi tried to talk to him about her hurt feelings. Of course, he sent Juliette home right then and there.

"I think it was the right thing to send Juliette home. I don't think she's the right person for me," he explained.

We certainly hope Juliette replied to some of those juicy DMs!

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Image Source: Network Ten
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