Here Are the Chances Miles Morales Will Be in Spider-Man 4

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Spider-Man: No Way Home hit theatres on Dec. 17, and besides breaking records at the box office, it left fans feeling nostalgic. As the multiverse opened and villains and other Spider-Men (Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield) showed up, chaos ensued, but one notable Spider-Man, Miles Morales, was left out of the equation. But could Miles Morales be in Marvel’s Spider-Man 4?

Miles (voiced by Shameik Moore) swung into the role of Spider-Man in the 2018 animated film, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, but was not in the reunion of the Spideys – probably because when Ned was opening the portals to find Spider-Man, he asked specifically to find Peter Parker. However, with at least a fourth Marvel Spider-Man movie already in the works, expanding the multiverse further is possible. And considering Miles was seemingly referenced briefly in No Way Home, the possibility of him appearing in a future Marvel live-action movie seems high. Here’s what we know.

Who is Miles Morales, and How Did He Become Spider-Man?

Miles Morales first appears in the comic, Ultimate Fallout #4 (Aug. 2011). He’s a 13-year-old half Black and half Puerto-Rican boy growing up in Brooklyn, New York. After his Uncle Aaron (who later becomes The Prowler) steals a specimen from Oscorp lab, Miles visits him and gets bitten by the spider in the specimen, and subsequently gains Spidey powers. Along with web-swinging, climbing walls, enhanced physical attributes, and spider-sense, Miles has additional capabilities that past Spideys don’t. For example, unlike Peter Parker, Miles can turn invisible and release bioelectric shocks from his hands, called venom blasts, which knocks enemies temporarily unconscious.

Signs Miles Morales May Be in Marvel’s Spider-Man 4

Miles Morales’ Spider-Man movie, Into the Spider-Verse, sees Miles work with different versions of Spider-Man from alternate dimensions to bring down Kingpin, so the movie is practically about the multiverse already. On top of that, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man franchise has given some hints that the teenager could swing by in future films.

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter Parker comes in contact with Aaron Davis (Donald Glover), a criminal who wanted to buy Cituari weaponry from Vulture before being stopped by Spider-Man. Davis happens to be Miles Morales’ uncle. Another clue that fans think hints at the teenager joining the MCU takes place in No Way Home. When Peter’s identity is finally revealed to Electro (Jamie Foxx), he is surprised to learn that Peter is white. “I just thought you were going to be black,” he told Spider-Man. His reasoning? He lives in Queens and helps poor people. While Miles lives in Brooklyn, the reference to a Black Spider-Man was enough to convince Marvel fans that Miles Morales could be joining the MCU.

Could Miles Morales Have a Marvel Disney+ Series?

Even if Miles doesn’t appear in the next Spider-Man movie, there’s still a chance he could appear in the larger MCU. Miles begins dating classmate Kate Bishop a year after giving up the mantle when he’s 16 years old in the comics. Considering Kate is one of the main characters in the Disney+ show, Hawkeye, Miles might just show up in a Disney+ series before appearing in a live-action Spider-Man movie.

So, will we get a live-action Miles Morales soon? Many signs point to yes. The possibilities are, essentially, endless.

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