A Quiet Place 2 Doesn't Have a Postcredits Scene, but the Ending Does Set Up a Third Film

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We weren’t sure how A Quiet Place 2 would top the original, but it did exactly that and more. The film starring John Krasinski and Emily Blunt serves as both a prequel and a sequel to the 2018 film. Not only do we learn how the creepy alien monsters came to earth, but we also learn a few of their biggest weaknesses. For one, they aren’t able to swim – meaning that people who are on an island are safe from their attacks – but they also hate sound.

In one of the final scenes of the movie, Regan uses her cochlear implant to transmit a high-pitched frequency across a local radio, which disorients the monsters and makes them more vulnerable. Not only is she able to defeat one of the monsters on the island, but Marcus is able to defeat the monster near him by blasting the radio signal. Seeing that the film ends on a big cliffhanger with the characters finding a way to kill the monsters once and for all, you’re probably wondering if there is a postcredits scene to tie things up. Well, the short answer is no – but that’s actually a good thing because it could lead into a potential third movie.

In fact, a script for A Quiet Place 3 has already been written. On May 29, Fandango editor Erik Davis confirmed that during an episode of TwitterSpaces Krasinski revealed that Jeff Nichols has already handed in the script for a third film. In November 2020, it was announced that Nicholas was writing and directing a film set in the same universe as A Quiet Place with a slated 2022 release date. It’s unclear if this would be a followup to the second film or a new story entirely. The ending for A Quiet Place 2 certainly sets up the potential for either.

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