Matthew Macfadyen Confirms Our Worst “Succession” Fears

Matthew Macfadyen Confirms Our Worst

A year after its gripping finale, “Succession” is still riding high on the wave of award season glory, from Golden Globes to Critics Choice, and now, the long-delayed 2023 Emmy Awards.

As the Roy saga continues to garner accolades, rumours of a potential spin-off have swirled in the media. What would happen next in the “Succession” universe? Would we finally learn what Kendall’s favourite pizza topping is? Could Roman survive in the real world without his father’s wealth? But just when we thought there might be a spinoff in the pipeline, Matthew Macfadyen, aka Tom Wambsgans, has thrown a wet blanket on our collective hopes.

Will There Be a “Succession” Spin-Off?

Matthew Macfadyen swiped the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for “Succession”, and simultaneously slammed the door on any lingering hopes of a spin-off. Cue the collective gasps and a few tear-streaked faces – the Roy dynasty’s reign has officially hit the credits.

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“I would never say never, but highly unlikely,” Macfadyen said, when asked backstage about the possibility of a spin-off.

“It would all depend on if [‘Succession’ creator] Jesse Armstrong wanted to do it. I think Jesse’s instinct — and our instincts — is that we ended just at the right place. We sort of didn’t tie it up, we just left them to carry on in their strange and frightening world,” he added.

“As nice as it would be to work with everyone again, it would be strange to do a spinoff,” he continued. “But who knows?”

Our favourite Roy family in all their strange and frightening glory might have closed the chapter, but Macfadyen wrapped up his thoughts on a spin-off with a tantalising, “Who knows?” — And that’s all the hope we need right now! Is the Roy family saga is truly over? Or is there a hidden season in the writers’ room, waiting for its grand entrance? Only time will tell.

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