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Will There Be a Schitt's Creek Movie?

Sorry, Bébé, but a Schitt's Creek Movie Isn't on the Cards Right Now


Schitt's Creek ended its six-season run in the US on Tuesday night with a warm and heartfelt finale, but we're already wondering if we've seen the last of the show or if there might be a Schitt's Creek movie in the future? Although other shows (most recently Downton Abbey) have returned with movie follow-ups after their official finales, it doesn't look like Schitt's Creek will be going down that road anytime soon.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter following the finale, series creator and star Dan Levy explained why he doesn't think there needs to be a movie or spin-off. "The reason we ended the show in the first place was because I never wanted it to get stale. I never wanted to overstay our welcome. I wanted this show to have a legacy that people return to. I wanted it to be included in conversations about great series and not just a great season. And that requires making tough decisions about saying goodbye. So the idea of reopening anything anytime soon is not necessarily going to happen because I think we need time and space."

Aside from the creative reasons to take a break — temporary or permanent — from the Creek, Levy also is going to be very busy for a while! As Deadline reported back in Sept. 2019, he signed a three-year deal with ABC to develop and produce an unspecified number of scripted projects. He told THR that he's excited to be developing other projects outside the Schitt's Creek mould as well.

"This [comedy] isn't all that I want to do. I have ideas for dramas, I have ideas for thrillers. I have ideas for other comedies. I don't want to be limited to just a specific genre because that's what I've become known for . . . In a way, we always considered Schitt's Creek to be a drama that just involved funny things and people and circumstances. That kind of comedy is something that I think I'll always be interested in, and I'm trying to write something right now that I'm really excited about that's very different from Schitt's Creek. All we can really do at this point is just focus and then try and make another show that means something to people and that's that."

All of that being said, the finale certainly leaves the door open for a revisiting of the Roses sometime in the future, and Levy isn't necessarily opposed. The crucial factor for him? Making sure that there's enough time to avoid burnout — for the audiences and the creative team alike — and making sure that a potential idea is strong enough to merit reopening the story. "I think the audience needs to take a breath in order to really want to see these characters again, and more importantly, I need to take a breath, do some other things in order to hopefully get an idea that is special enough to bring everyone back together. Because the last thing anyone would want is for us to just do something in haste, have it not be good, and have that be the legacy of the show," he added to THR.

The Schitt's Creek finale, like the best TV finales, did balance out a sense of closure with a sense that there's a future for these characters after that final scene. The final episode saw Patrick and David's long-awaited wedding (although, in the show's grand tradition, lots of small things went wrong before the big heartwarming moment went very, very right), as well as the departure of most of the Rose family from town. Still, there's a feeling that this isn't an ending for the characters, but a new beginning. We're sorry to see the show Galapa-go now, but if this truly is the end, the way it ended really was simply the best. The final season of Schitt's Creek is coming to Netflix on May 14.

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