Pogues and Kooks Alike Are Wondering: Will There Be a Third Season of Outer Banks?


When Outer Banks was released on Netflix last year, it was the perfect escape during the pandemic. With every episode, I was mentally transported to the beautiful Outer Banks and sucked into the battle between the Pogues and the Kooks – all from the comfort of my living room. No matter which side of the marsh you’re from, Pogues and Kooks alike are asking the same question: will there be a season three of Outer Banks?

Outer Banks season two somehow managed to bring viewers on an even wilder ride than the first season. To briefly recap: John B. and Sarah start off the season with almost getting arrested (again), having the gold back in their possession for a very brief moment of time, losing it (again), and somehow ending up on another treasure hunt with the rest of the gang. And in case that isn’t enough, this season also provides us with more intense character deaths – even a few of them come back from the dead!

After the season two premiere, fans are already hoping for a third season. With all of the crazy plot twists, loose ends, and cliffhangers this past season gives us, it seems like the show is set up nicely for a third season. While there hasn’t been any official confirmation that the series has been renewed, it’s possible we’ll hear news about a new season within a few months. After all, when season one was released in April 2020, a second season was announced on the official Outer Banks Instagram account on July 24, 2020.

Fingers crossed that season two of Outer Banks is as successful as the first season so the series can continue. If a third season of Outer Banks is confirmed this fall, we can hopefully expect a late summer release in 2022. Until there is a final word from Netflix, you can catch me rewatching the entire series and incessantly tweeting at Netflix to give us a third season!

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