Working With Michael B. Jordan Is as Inspiring as You’d Expect, According to Aussie Actor Todd Lasance

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You’ll no doubt recognise actor Todd Lasance from his performances on Australian TV shows like Home and Away and Underbelly, or possibly even from his appearances in hit US shows The Vampire Diaries and The Flash.

The Australian born actor has been steadily making a name for himself in Hollywood, putting in the hard work to breakthrough in a highly competitive landscape and that hard work has paid off in spades as his latest project is none other than a film adaptation of Tom Clancy’s best-selling novel Without Remorse, opposite Michael B. Jordan

“He is the most humble, grounded, hardworking, generous, selfless actor,” Lasance said of Jordan in an interview with POPSUGAR Australia. “Easily top five I’ve ever met.”

“You’d learn by example from him,” he continued. “He’s never preaching or anything, but he’s doing, like, 14 hour days carrying this $80 million film, let alone all the other elements that are going on in his life and being pulled in every direction.”

Speaking about Jordan’s inimitable work ethic, Lasance revealed, “He will finish at 4 or 5 am, and he and his trainer will go back to the hotel and go straight to the gym. Then they’re training for about an hour and a half until the sun comes up. Then they eat, then they’re in bed and then up five hours later — boom, 14-hour day train, train, 14 hours. He is a machine.”

Being part of the immensely popular Tom Clancy universe, Without Remorse — which premieres on Amazon Prime on April 30 — has already had a follow-up confirmed, although Lasance remains tight-lipped on whether he will return for it.

“I can’t give anything away,” Lasance told POPSUGAR Australia. “But I think they’re planning a whole universe sort of potentially leading on because obviously, you’ve got the (video) games as well. The Tom Clancy world can be never-ending really if you want to carry on the legacy. So yeah, we’ll see.” 

In the meantime, the talented 38-year-old has plenty to keep him busy, including plans to write, produce and star in his own projects.

“I would love to produce,” Lasance said. “I’ve been writing with a friend of mine and we want to write stuff that we want to see, you know, and have it be inclusive and have it be these stories that we want to tell.

“We want to be in a position where we get to have a bit more of that creative control. For us as well, the idea of being able to employ our friends and the community that we’ve built, and be able to have this family all working together essentially for this one goal — that’s the ultimate.

Without Remorse is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video from April 30, 2021.

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