We Don't Need to Check Twice – We're Sure These Horrible Holiday Movies Made Santa's Naughty List

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Holiday movies can bring a lot of cheer, but not always. And thinking about really great holiday movies has us wondering: what are the worst holiday movies of all time? For every smart, funny, and heartwarming movie, there’s one that’s the cinematic equivalent of a big lump of coal in your stocking.

These horrible holiday movies truly have the potential to make you feel like it’s the most miserable time of the year. We’ve found plenty of duds – filled with plenty of big-name stars – that failed big-time to find that holiday magic. From comedies that just weren’t funny to holiday horror movies that miscalculated their tone, there’s a whole wide world of holiday movies that are anything but jolly. Although holiday settings are obviously popular for a number of reasons, it seems like a lot of filmmakers simply never figured out how to make a Christmas movie that hit the right spot.

So what are truly the worst holiday movies ever? We’ll leave it up to you to decide what takes the number-one spot as Worst Holiday Movie Ever, but these are a few titles to choose from that we’re pretty sure aren’t going to be anyone’s favorites. For the sake of this list, we’re sticking with theatrical and direct-to-video releases, rather than trying to sort through the numerous made-for-TV holiday movies that populate Lifetime, Hallmark, and other channels all winter long. How many of these infamous holiday flops have you seen?

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