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Will you watch Offspring on Channel Ten Sunday starring Asher Keddie and Don Hany?

Pop Poll: Will You Watch Offspring Sunday Night?

Channel Ten has been heavily promoting their new series Offspring and we finally get to check it out Sunday night. Love My Way’s Asher Keddie stars as obstetrician Nina Proudman, who is competent in her professional life, but a hot mess when it comes to her personal life. The show is a bit of Bridget Jones, Ally McBeal and The Secret Life of Us all rolled into one. It’s set in Melbourne and there are some familiar faces, including Don Hany and Deborah Mailman, amid the dysfunctional peeps in Nina’s life. I’m thrilled to bits that there’s actually a show written by a woman (Debra Oswald), directed by a woman (Kate Dennis) and co-produced by a woman (Imogen Banks) on Australian TV. If you can't wait until Sunday, you can watch the entire premiere ep here or just check out the trailer and tell me what you think. Will you be tuning in to watch Offspring?

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