Zac Efron Has Officially Moved to Australia, Which Means It’s Time to Shoot Your Shot

When I was thirteen, I was pretty sure that Zac Efron and I were destined to fall in love. I mean, I had the same red dress as Vanessa Hudgens in the first High School Musical grand finale, I could kinda sing and I was a straight-A student. Now that I think about it, I think I just wanted to date Troy Bolton.

But I know that I’m not alone. High School Musical was a era of drama kids and jocks combined, and it captured us at that pivotal age where crushing on teen heartthrobs is basically a pre-requisite.

The thing is, Zac Efron just kept getting hotter. In every film he continued to star in, whether it was as a teen back in time in 17 Again, or as a rudely attractive ex-veteran in The Lucky One, Zac Efron continued to make me feel tingly inside.

So it’s pretty understandable that when the news broke he was dating a Byron Bay waitress and that they met at her place of work, the internet (me) got pretty jealous.

This Tweet was made into a meme shortly after it was published and went viral. Everyone on every form of social media knew that Efron was dating Vanessa Valladares and that he was living in Bryon Bay. Every person who’d ever worked at a cafe was wondering why the world was against them.

We’d heard that Efron totally fell in love with Australia while filming his hit Netflix show Down to Earth with Zac Efron, and we also know that he re-located to Byron during the COVID-19 pandemic, but we didn’t know if he was here to stay.

Late last year, it was widely reported that Efron had bought a $2 million property in the Glengarrie area of the Tweed Valley, about an hour’s drive north of Byron Bay and a approximately 30 minutes from Gold Coast.

The property is described as a private retreat that comes with its own rainforest, creeks, waterfalls and numerous bush-walking trails. It was speculated that Efron and his Aussie lover were planning on building a romantic getaway on the property, but they have since split due to his work schedule.

And now, it’s official news that Efron has sold his longtime LA home for $6.85 million (US$5.3m), less than the $7.6 million (US$5.9m) price he wanted when originally listing the place last December, courtesy of a report from the Post.

Efron move to Australia is complete after selling LA house. Picture:

The official listing of his LA home sounds pretty lush, so we think this must be for real. Why else would you ditch a home that has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a chef’s kitchen, a spa-like main bathroom, a gym, media room, game room, wine room and outdoor view decks with room for outdoor dining and sun-baking?

Efron move to Australia is complete after selling LA house. Picture:

Although there haven’t been any reports on building a house on his Tweed Valley property, we know that Efron hasn’t left Australia since last year and we’re not too worried about his living situation. We’re honestly just happy to have him.

Oh, and he’s single. Go get him, gals.

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