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Will There Be a Sequel to Dumplin' on Netflix?

Will We Get the Dumplin' Sequel We Deserve? Here's What We Know

DUMPLIN', from left: Danielle Macdonald, Jennifer Aniston, 2018. ph: Bob Mahoney /  Netflix /Courtesy Everett Collection

As seems to be the case so often these days, Netflix has once again produced a breakout comedy movie with sharp humour alongside a heartwarming story. The story of a young woman protesting her mother's beauty pageants, Dumplin' has quickly become the latest in Netflix's lineup of smart, sweet comedies. Although the movie tells a complete story itself, we're already wondering what the odds are of getting a sequel? After all, we can always use more movies like this in our lives!

Although Netflix, as per usual, hasn't commented one way or the other yet, Dumplin' does seem like a likely candidate for a sequel. The biggest reason? It's based on a YA novel by Julie Murphy that already has a sequel, Puddin', which focuses on protagonist Willowdean and her sort-of rival Callie (the girl who works with Willowdean's best friend, Ellen). Netflix has already shown itself to be willing to make sequels for its most buzzed-about hits, even when the source material doesn't already exist (see: A Christmas Prince).

No one associated with the production or Netflix has commented yet, but if Dumplin' gets as popular as some of Netflix's recent films, a sequel is more likely than not!

Image Source: Everett Collection
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