These Are the 12 Movies From the ’90s That You Should Watch With Your Kids

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Growing up in the ’90s was the best of both worlds: I had epic ’80s movies to play over and over again, and I got to live through 10 years of amazing film releases, many of which have stuck with me my whole life (and are still on constant rotation).

I spent half of 1997 begging my mom to buy me the Heart of the Ocean necklace, the better part of the late ’90s trying to recreate “The Blob” with my camp friends (to no avail and with only minor injuries), and most of the decade singing “My Girl” and “We Are the Champions” at the top of my lungs. It was an exciting time to be alive, and though your children may never know what it was like to wait for a VHS tape to rewind (torture), these films need to be on a must-watch list so they can get a proper ’90s family movie education.

Read through for the movies from the ’90s that you should definitely watch with your kids depending on their ages, and find out where they’re streaming.

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