Ashley Graham Tackles Snapback Culture 1 Instagram Post at a Time, and We’re So Grateful

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Ashley Graham has always been at the forefront of the body-neutrality movement, which is why it’s so exciting to witness her journey through motherhood.

Since becoming a mom, the supermodel has blessed us with an unfiltered look at her postpartum life – from tummy selfies to postpartum hair loss. Graham frequently shares candid posts about life with 3-year-old son Isaac and 1-year-old twins Malachi and Roman, whom she shares with her husband, Justin Ervin.

When asked why she feels compelled to be so vulnerable online about the postpartum experience, Graham told POPSUGAR, “I felt like I have such a big following and I have shared so much up until this part of my life that I needed to share this as well, to normalize so much that happens to our bodies . . . and how things just sometimes don’t go back to normal.”

Graham approaches the postpartum experience with such strength and compassion. “I tell myself that I am a warrior for carrying and birthing my babies, for surviving the hemorrhage, for being a mother to my three boys, and yet also still struggling with the transformation of my body,” Graham wrote in a personal essay for Glamour in May 2022.

Her outlook on postpartum bodies is refreshing and much appreciated by the millions of social media followers who often comment on her posts, expressing their gratitude for sharing a “real postpartum experience.”

Ahead, enjoy every instance that Graham has normalized postpartum bodies, spoke out against mom-shamers, and reminded us that mothers are amazing.

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