35 Baby Names That Mean Beloved


If you’ve been pondering the perfect name for your baby but still haven’t found one that sounds quite right, maybe you should simplify your search. Look past thinking trendy or popular for your moniker and choose a simple one that carries a meaningful message. All of these gorgeous names translate to “beloved.” So no matter boy or girl, age, or trends, your baby will always represent the one thing that never goes out of style – love.

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Girl Names

  1. Aahva
  2. Adora
  3. Ama
  4. Amy
  5. Carena
  6. Carina
  7. Cher
  8. Cheri
  9. Cheriann
  10. Cheryl
  11. Davina
  12. Derica
  13. Ema
  14. Karah
  15. Kathryn
  16. Lida
  17. Maleeya
  18. Marabelle
  19. Mari
  20. Mariah
  21. Mariam
  22. Marisse
  23. Priya
  24. Sherry
  25. Tamera

Boy Names

  1. Aahva
  2. Aziz
  3. Darrel
  4. Dave
  5. David
  6. Davon
  7. Jed
  8. Marion

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