15 Books to Help You Better Understand and Support Your LGBTQIA+ Kid


As an LGBTQIA+ advocate and educator who works with students of all ages and a parent to a transgender child, I see kids coming out as an identity under the LGBTQIA+ rainbow at earlier ages than my queer friends and I did. It’s not that kids haven’t always known they loved differently than their heterosexual peers, or that kids didn’t know their gender wasn’t quite right, progress is just slow – my friends and I often had to wait until we were out of our parents’ house to admit we were gay or transgender.

According to the Pew Research Center, the percentage of millennials who support same-sex marriage has climbed from 44 percent in 2004 to 74 percent in 2019, but just because Gen X and millennial parents may be more queer-friendly doesn’t mean they understand the inner workings of being queer – and that’s OK. The most important piece is in the bag: you love your child unconditionally, you just have some stuff to learn. These 15 books will help you get to know more about topics and stories that matter to people who identify as LGBTQIA+. After reading, I hope you’ll be better equipped to understand and support your LGBTQIA+ child.

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