This Skin Tint Is Perfect For No-Makeup Makeup Days

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  • Caliray launched a new product called the Freedreaming Clean Blurring Skin Tint.
  • The skin tint provides you with light coverage and an overall glow with a barely there feel.
  • One editor tested the skin tint foundation in her makeup routine and took before-and-after photos of the results.

If you had told me five years ago that I would one day pretty much give up foundation altogether, I wouldn’t have believed you. My makeup routine – throughout high school, college, and even the first few years postgrad – was never complete without a medium-to-full-coverage base product. There may have been a few days here and there that I skipped foundation out of laziness, but that didn’t really change until the pandemic, when my makeup routine was pared way down. Now, the only foundation you’ll find me wearing is super-light coverage – or a skin tint, like the Caliray Freedreaming Clean Blurring Skin Tint ($39).

I wouldn’t really consider this new-to-market complexion product a “foundation.” It truly is a tint, as the coverage is minimal and the formula is very thin – just the way I like it. The formula includes vitamins C and E to brighten and hydrate, prickly pear extract for antioxidants (which protect against free radicals), and jojoba oil for an added boost of glow.

Before you apply the Caliray Freedreaming Clean Blurring Skin Tint, you have to give it a good shake. There’s a little ball inside of the bottle that you hear rattling around inside the tube to help mix up the formula. When it squirts out, it’s extremely runny, so I dispensed it right into my fingertips and then dabbed it onto my cheeks, forehead, and chin before using a brush to blend it in.

As I mentioned, the consistency of the skin tint is really thin, so it applies similar to a serum – just with some color. You could totally use a damp makeup sponge or just your fingertips to apply it instead. The coverage, as to be expected, is very light, so it doesn’t really cover anything. Instead, if gives your skin an allover glow and faint wash of color – kind of like you just woke up with perfectly smooth, radiant skin.

On its own, the Blurring Skin Tint gives you a your-skin-but-better look, but it also layers under additional makeup products beautifully, making it great for no-makeup makeup days and full-face looks. Even after wearing it for hours (10, to be exact), the finish still looks good and most importantly, feels good on your skin – it doesn’t get patchy or dry. This makes it especially good for those with normal to dry skin, or anyone who gets seasonal dryness like I do in the winter.

If you’re someone who wants heavy coverage and to conceal every blemish and imperfection on your face, the Caliray Freedreaming Clean Blurring Skin Tint may not be for you, but if you prefer light coverage and a natural-looking finish as I do, it’ll quickly become your new favorite product. My perfect match is shade “The 4,” which is light with a warm undertone, but I could also easily use “The 2” or even “The 6” because the shades are pretty customizable. It comes in 10 shades total, which definitely leaves room for improvement, especially for dark skin tones, but the sheer formula does fit a wider range of complexions because of how little coverage it gives.

I hope to see Caliray expand on the shade range in the near future because the product truly is great. Since getting my hands on it, it’s the only thing I’ve been wearing on my skin.


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