Chris Hemsworth Gets Vulnerable About “Trying to Find the Balance” Between Work and Family

GQ Australia / Matthew Brookes

At the end of a long day fighting intergalactic crime on screen, there’s nothing Chris Hemsworth loves more than coming home to his family. This month, Chris and his family dog, Sunny, were the cover stars of GQ Australia‘s May issue. In an interview with the publication, the dad of three opened up about what it’s like to balance parenting with his work life.

“I’ve spent probably 15 years in what felt like a marathon, a constant workload,” the Extraction star said. “So much of my energy has been geared towards that, and then having kids at the same time, I’ve been constantly trying to find the balance.” He added: “Every job I’d take, every time I’d go off on these extended trips, it got harder and harder. For a little while you don’t think the kids notice and then you realize they do.”

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