Sharenting’s a Difficult Balance, But Georgia Kousoulou’s IVF Post Will Help Many

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Georgia Kousoulou and Tommy Mallet have revealed they’re expecting another child after doing IVF, just a year after a devastating baby loss. And while for many struggling with their own fertility journey, seeing the post may feel difficult, to many it will give some hope and a feeling that their stories aren’t hidden.

The couple have been incredibly open around family life in the press, their social media, Georgia’s own book I Wish I Knew and, of course, through their ITVBe TV show “Georgia and Tommy: Baby Steps”. So in many ways, it may seem natural that they would share the news to their combined 2.6million followers on Instagram.

But since the loss of their second baby – who the couple discovered had a rare chromosomal disorder they wouldn’t have survived – Georgia herself has spoken about understanding the difficulty seeing other people and their babies on social media can place on you.

In a piece with the Daily Mail around the release of her book, Kousoulou said: “I have just started therapy, I’m much better, luckily for me I have Brody who’s the love of my life, he’s a dream child and keeps me distracted, but there are still triggers. The problem with baby loss is there are triggers everywhere.

“All my Instagram is either babies or weddings. The hardest thing I have learned is that it’s okay to feel sad but happy for other people.

“I really struggled with that… I thought I was a bad person.”

And so, in posting her announcement this week, Georgia herself made an important addition to her announcement. She wrote: “To anyone watching who is suffering .. I am with you & i know how you feel. I pray this post doesn’t trigger you. I know how hard it is seeing announcements. Please know you are not alone & please don’t give up hope.???”

And while if you’re struggling, that message won’t have healed all, sometimes, having someone acknowledge the other side of the picture goes a long way.

There will also be many who will take hope from the couple’s openness around their IVF journey, with secondary infertility issues being a topic that is so rarely discussed. The emotional video shows Kousoulou go through the punishing IVF journey in a bid to have a sibling for their first child, Brody.

“Our little rainbow baby due December ???,” the couple wrote in the caption accompanying the video. “Words can’t express the emotions we have , we have prayed , wished & with a little help it’s happened.. ?

“I can’t thank my team enough ? Rehan salim you are the best ivf specialist – I’m so blessed we met you. & Michelle my amazing nurse who helped me every step of the way! These guys made my experience with ivf so much better than I could of even imagined . & thank you to our Michaela for being there through it all ??
I was so scared as all the things I had heard beforehand but they were simply the best & held my hand the whole way through .thank you for giving us the best gift of all ?”

Hundreds flooded Georgia’s page with well wishes for the family. “Watching this actually made me cry,” said one follower. “You’ve been through a a rough ride, and that’s putting it lightly. We’ve all shared pain and heartbreak. So excited for you all now and finally, a big congratulations”. Another wrote: “Congratulations!!! Love to see positive IVF stories, I’m struggling 3 year down the line. Had 3 rounds of failed IVF and just had a laparoscopy ???”. “This is just lovely to watch from someone who’s been there and finally got their golden egg ?xx congratulations to you all xx” shared another commenter.

There’s no responsibility for people to have to share their fertility journeys with anyone, but when you do move into the sharing space, there is some responsibility to take care in what you say and how you say it. After all that the couple have been through, it’s clear Kousoulou understands this – and the overwhelming reaction of their friends and fans alike shows how important that is.

Rhiannon Evans is the interim content director at PS UK. Rhiannon has been a journalist for 17 years, starting at local newspapers before moving to work for Heat magazine and Grazia. As a senior editor at Grazia, she helped launch parenting brand The Juggle, worked across brand partnerships, and launched the “Grazia Life Advice” podcast. An NCE-qualified journalist (yes, with a 120-words-per-minute shorthand), she has written for The Guardian, Vice and Refinery29.

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