9 Different Styles of Parenting, According to Experts

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If parenting is one of the most important jobs a person can have, then why isn’t there a user manual? Well, in fact, there are thousands on the different styles of parenting. For decades, clinical psychologists, researchers, pediatricians, and developmental experts have been authoring books purporting to offer the definitive guide to parenting styles. But just like every family is unique and has its own needs, each child-raising philosophy has benefits and challenges that make it ideal for one parent and a nonstarter for another. That’s why there are so many differing takes on the best parenting style in the first place.

And although parents do not need to adopt a specific style verbatim, to figure out how you plan to raise your children, it’s helpful to understand their nuances. We’ve accounted for the hundreds of different types of parenting styles and culled them down to the nine most popular. From authoritative parenting to gentle parenting to helicopter parenting, you’re bound to find the right parenting style for your family. Whether you’re looking to try something classic or opt for a buzzy alternative, read on so you can better understand the different parenting styles – and which one best suits your personality and goals.

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