17 Kid-Friendly Halloween Movies That the Whole Family Will (Actually) Enjoy

Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection / Netflix/Courtesy Everett Collection

When it comes to Halloween movies, there’s no shortage of spooky entertainment that’s been made over the years. There are popular films and obscure ones; movies that make you laugh and gore that turns your stomach into knots. But when you add kids to the mix, your roster of choices gets a lot smaller. While films like “Scream” and “Nightmare on Elm Street” are go-to classics, they’re not the best options for the whole family to view and enjoy. Fortunately, streaming platforms like Netflix have a vast array of kid-friendly films that are not too scary but will still get the whole family in the Halloween spirit. In fact, according to the streaming service’s research, 85 percent of parents are interested in finding ways to celebrate Halloween that are less spooky for their children – so Netflix was sure to include plenty of not-scary titles for the holiday.

So if you’re looking for an eerie flick to watch with your family leading up to the spooky holiday that’s tame enough for even your 4-year-old to feel included, we’ve rounded up a list that features movies that are great for every age. Check out Halloween specials and movies – plus a few movies that have Halloween vibes in general – are streaming now. (And if you’re daring, click here to see the horror movies you can stream after your little ones have gone to sleep.)

Additional reporting by Lauren Harano, Naomi Parris, and Melanie Whyte

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