I'm a Book-Lover, and These 8 Tips Are Helping Me Raise Mini Bookworms

Unsplash / Stephen Andrews

When my 1-year-old son brings me the remote and points to the TV or my 3-year-old gets that glassy look in his eyes from staring at the screen too long, I know we have a problem. I don’t blame my kids for being obsessed with TV – I am, too; it’s kind of amazing! – but I would like to encourage more reading. Whether I’m reading to them or they’re flipping through pictures, books offer countless benefits. Plus, I’m a huge book nerd, so obviously I want my kids to follow suit. Getting lost in a good book is too magical of an experience to keep to myself!

In order to encourage my kids (especially my toddler) to read more, I’ve made a few small changes in our routines that have had big payoffs. If you too want to raise a mini bibliophile, read ahead for eight easy tips that have worked wonders for me.

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