Best Meditation Apps For Every Type of Kid

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School, homework, extracurriculars, testing, and sports can be extremely stressful and overwhelming for kids in even the best of times. But children who struggle with managing their emotions and anxieties may need a little extra help. Thankfully, they have this free tool at their fingertips: meditation.

Before you roll your eyes at the thought of your bouncing second grader staying still for more than a minute, kids actually may learn how to meditate more easily because they’re very receptive to new concepts. And as we know, practicing meditation helps to process feelings and destress, which is paramount for a child’s mental health.

To demonstrate mindfulness, it often comes down to letting your child choose the right form of meditation for them. Whether it’s nature sounds while lying on a yoga mat or listening to a narrative while staying seated, there’s likely going to be some form of meditation perfect for your child’s individual needs.

To help find the best meditation app for your little one, turn to one of the below options for kids that contain mindfulness activities and guided meditations to help them regulate their emotions, stay calm under pressure, and get to sleep a little easier each night.

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