Attention Parents: Modibodi Has Launched the Most Absorbent Reusable Nappy in Australia


What style of nappy you choose to use with your baby is an extremely personal choice. But, there’s not a lot of to choose from besides disposable or cloth nappies, which aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Committed to giving you more environmentally-friendly options, Modibodi (widely known for its period undies!) has created the Reusable Nappy ($140 for four), which is the most absorbent reusable on the market.

Designed to make the switch from disposable nappies to reusable products easier on parents, Modibodi’s Reusable Nappy includes an innovative patent-pending design that is laboratory certified and tested to hold 1026ml of fluid (with one Nappy Booster) and compression tested with no leaks at 500ml. If the thought of switching to cloth nappies has turned you off due to the possible leak situation, these eco-friendly nappies are far more reliable.

Modibodi’s Reusable Nappy also include antimicrobial layers to fight odour and keep bubba dry while also being moisture-wicking and working to repel solids so they don’t stick or stain — an important factor, given the subject nature.


The design of the Reusable Nappy is similar to that of a disposable one, making it far easier to put on compared to cloth nappies and the nappy can simply be thrown in the washing machine — no soaking required! And, the fabric used in the design is super soft for delicate baby skin and no harmful chemicals are used in the production of the materials.

For up to 12 hours of overnight protection when used with a Booster, this eco-friendly nappy option could equal better sleep for you and bub. Over three years, you’ll also end up sending less than half the cost of disposable nappies (as the Reusable Nappy can be used again and again) while saving the number of single-use nappies that end up in landfill. If you’re on the hunt for a more eco-friendly nappy option, this is the way to go.

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